The Social Century

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By Robert Ravensbergen

No matter how much work a man can do, no matter how engaging his personality may be, he will not advance far in business if he cannot work through others. – John Craig

The fundamental issue now, remaining upon us in our time beyond ideology, is the realization of modest ambitions. Homes, and families, and goods and services, and the stuff of life that makes things a little better, so that we might be with the ones we love. Great things are still great, and we might still reach for them, but they are not imperative – they are not a thing which regulates discourse much as discourse regulates itself. Injustices are far and minor to their once status, though end they will not. We find ourselves amidst constant social modification and not transformation. Ecology is a matter of economy and sensibility, not tenderness of opportunity, and we see the last generation to fight, to lock themselves in deepest existential battle, now parting with life’s mortal coil, dying off with none to necessarily replace them, because that same sacrifice is unnecessary. International law has made of us a race of modesty and repose, and we look not to maniacs for revelation, but to entertainment for contentment.

What’s the problem of today? Low wages? Inequality of the sexes and races? Nations building bombs they don’t want to use, or can’t afford to misuse? An ecology victimized as oil seems to end? We must realize this moment of growth is only going to grow itself. Though bad things may persist throughout the world, what’s worse is that we think they ought to because we’ve forgotten how to make good on the promise we have. We can’t forget the problems that are no longer problems, that when hearts are touched, ambitions grow steady and tame. Where else do we look but to others now for love? And so on will ours, the social century, continue.