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White House Scrambles to Address Rise of Anti-Muslim Sentiments in the United States

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By S. Hesam Houryaband. On December 14th, 2015, I was invited to attend an “anti-discrimination” teleconference organized by the White House, targeting civic, political and religious leaders in an attempt to address the rise of mainly anti-Muslim sentiments in the United States, specifically after the December 2nd San Bernardino shooting in California. The conference call, which was organized by the White House Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, was hosted by the director of that office, Valerie Jarrett, as well as Jesse Moore, Associate Director of Public Engagement, and Melissa…read more

What should we expect from ISIS after Charlie Hebdo? An interview with S. Hesam Houryaband.

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Interview by Philippe Labrecque S. Hesam Houryaband has an extensive background in international, political, and diplomatic affairs with experience working for the Iranian Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, Mission of Iran to the UN, and Embassy of Iran to France. S. Hesam holds a Ph.D. in International Relations and Diplomacy. Philippe Labrecque: Following the Charlie Hebdo attacks, Andrew Parker, Director General of the British intelligence MI5, stated that ISIS is planning « mass casualty attacks » against the West. Do you agree and what objectives is ISIS pursuing in doing so? What is…read more

Après Charlie, le dîner de « cons »

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Par manque d’adjectifs ou par cette manie moderne de vouloir psychiatriser et infantiliser le réel, voilà que plusieurs ne trouvent que le sexe féminin, « con » (n. m. XIIIe. Lat. cunnus ; vulg. sexe de la femme) comme étant digne de définir les frères Kouachi et leurs accomplices des tueries aux bureaux de Charlie Hebdo et des deux marchés casher. À peine quelques jours après, François Hollande déclarait vouloir faire la « guerre » au « terrorisme » et à « l’islamisme ». En parallèle au discours du président français, les bonnes âmes nous disent qu’il ne faut pas confondre…read more

Autopsie de Charlie Hebdo: Les terroristes avaient déjà gagné

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Alors que les médias sociaux sont inondés de soutiens sous la forme d’hashtags et de photos clamant : « Je suis Charlie », que les rassemblements se multiplient et qu’on appelle à la défense de la liberté, quelque chose de très sombre se trame en coulisse. Il faut se demander si la masse de sympathie et de soutien pour Charlie Hebdo possède une substance quelconque, ou si le spectacle des rassemblements sur les places publiques et des messages de soutien copié-collé sur les médias sociaux ne représente pas le dernier cri, le dernier…read more

Pour une apocalypse islamique: un coup d’État à l’étranger contre le militarisme des califes

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Cet article a été publié sur le site de Trahir. Traduction d’un article de Reza Negarestani, par Simon Labrecque, Montréal – Note introductive du traducteur – Selon toute vraisemblance, le texte qui suit a d’abord été publié en 2006, en anglais, par le philosophe et artiste iranien Reza Negarestani sur un ancien blog, « Cold me ». Aujourd’hui, l’hyperlien mène à « Deracinating Effect », dont les archives remontent seulement à novembre 2006. Il semble que plusieurs des textes informels écrits par Negarestani avant cette date (parfois sous le pseudonyme Basilisk dans le cadre du Maraka Project, par exemple, dont…read more

I’m offended you’re offended: The waning courage of the West

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By Philippe Labrecque Originally posted on The Commentator. The multi-talented Stephen Fry is by no means a conservative in his political views but he nonetheless takes a stance usually associated with conservatives in our eraby condemning the politically correct obsession of censoring everything deemed offensive towards certain groups or individuals. Fry rightly points out that any society with enough courage should be able to stomach commentsmade in the public sphere that are judged to be offensive by some. Sadly, that society is not ours, as demonstrated last week when Tom Holland’s documentary, Islam: The Untold…read more

Foreign Flags at La Bastille

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By Philippe Labrecque The results came down officially at 8pm on May 6th, confirming what most predicted. Incumbent French President Nicolas Sarkozy was defeated by the Socialist candidate, François Hollande. The defeat of Nicolas Sarkozy and it’s center-right party, the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP), meant that the victorious celebrations by newly elected François Hollande and the left wing Socialist Party would be held at Place de la Bastille, emblem of the French Revolution and a memorial of the taking of the fortress that many consider the symbol of…read more


Syria: popular revolution or manipulation from abroad?

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By Philippe Labrecque Published on March 11, 2012 by The New Political Centre In an article published by The Spectator, journalist Rod Liddle asks an important question: what is the actual proportion of Syrians that support the uprising? It is a query which seems to have been largely ignored by the discourse over Syria and the measures that the international community should take against the Syrian government. Rebellion? As Liddle points out, it is difficult to imagine the Christians or the Alawites backing the so-called Free Syrian Army against Bashir…read more