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White House Scrambles to Address Rise of Anti-Muslim Sentiments in the United States

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By S. Hesam Houryaband. On December 14th, 2015, I was invited to attend an “anti-discrimination” teleconference organized by the White House, targeting civic, political and religious leaders in an attempt to address the rise of mainly anti-Muslim sentiments in the United States, specifically after the December 2nd San Bernardino shooting in California. The conference call, which was organized by the White House Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, was hosted by the director of that office, Valerie Jarrett, as well as Jesse Moore, Associate Director of Public Engagement, and Melissa…read more

L’ennemi nous a choisis

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Texte de Philippe Labrecque L’ennemi nous a choisis et il reste à déterminer si nous le regarderons dans les yeux avec courage ou si nous abaisserons le regard, terrorisé. Plusieurs dirons qu’on ne devrait pas réduire l’analyse des évènements à la dichotomie du « eux » contre « nous », que l’amalgame nous guette, ce péché ultime de notre époque. Mais voilà que les attaques contre Paris et la France, ramène soudainement les questions qui définissent un peuple : qui sont ceux qui forment le « nous » et qui sont ceux qui forment l’ennemi ? Cette question…read more

The Niqab Is Hijacking Canadian Elections

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By S. Hesam Houryaband. One of the most delicate, yet irrelevant topics in the 2015 Canadian federal elections has the potential to divert attention from real issues facing Canada and Canadians. The subject of niqab has been a recurring point of discussion in almost all of the televised debates between the heads of political parties, with candidates showing vague to firm stances on the matter. Throughout the years, Canada and Canadians have accommodated millions of immigrants with various cultural and religious backgrounds. There is a general tolerance for immigrants and their…read more

The Persian Gulf Arab States and the Regional Refugee Crisis

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By S. Hesam Houryaband. In recent weeks, tens of thousands of Syrian and Iraqi refugees have flooded the gates of Europe, escaping the worsening humanitarian crisis engulfing Syria and Iraq. Millions of Syrians and Iraqis have been hard hit by the civil war in Syria and Iraq, as well as the threat posed by ISIS. To date, according to UNHCR, approximately 5 million Syrians have left the country seeking refuge in neighboring states, or making their way to Europe. Faced with the impending waves of refugees, several European nations have felt…read more

Du complexe d’infériorité des francophones à un complexe euro-occidental? IIe partie

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Deuxième partie du texte de Charles-Étienne Tremblay intitulé: Du complexe d’infériorité des francophones à un complexe euro-occidental? Il m’apparaît de plus en plus évident que le Québec, celui dit séparatiste, a programmé la perte de plusieurs héritages qui se devaient de devenir communs pour qu’il y ait plus qu’un simple marché économique (une fédération), pour qu’on parle un jour, pour vrai, de « Confédération ». Les héritages des deux royaumes fondateurs du Canada, la France et l’Angleterre, délaissés, laissent dos à dos Amérindiens, espèces de « régionalistes » s’assumant tels depuis des siècles, et Québécois…read more

Du complexe d’infériorité des francophones à un complexe euro-occidental?

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 ***Veuillez noter que ce texte de Charles-Étienne Tremblay n’est que la première section qui sera d’une seconde section dans les jours qui suivent. « Combien fut romaine la fondation du Nouveau Monde, l’idée même de monde nouveau! Or les États-Unis – et le Québec – succombent aujourd’hui à la tentation marcioniste[1] de se prendre pour leur propre origine, autochtone et suffisante, de se croire la source première et dernière de tout ce qu’ils sont et diffusent dans le monde, en oubliant qu’ils sont venus d’ailleurs, que l’Amérique est née d’une civilisation…read more

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, Looks Like You Sold Your Soul To The Devil!

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By S. Hesam Houryaband. On April 28th, 2015 in an interview with Charlie Rose, Mr. Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s Foreign Minister, discussed the human rights situation in Iran and much to my astonishment and millions of others, he bluntly stated that, “We do not jail people for their opinions.” And as if that statement wasn’t enough, Mr. Zarif went on to say, “And I believe it is important for everybody to respect the rule of law and to allow the political process, the judicial process in Iran to run its course.”…read more

The complexity of the Iran-Israel-United States relations in the wake of Benjamin Netanyahu’s electoral victory.

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S. Hesam Houryaband has an extensive background in international, political, and diplomatic affairs with experience working for the Iranian Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, Mission of Iran to the UN, and Embassy of Iran to France. S. Hesam holds a Ph.D. in International Relations and Diplomacy. P.L. : Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, made a controversial speech in the beginning of March in front of the U.S. Congress about Iran’s progress towards acquiring nuclear weapons and the Geneva interim agreement, stating in short, that Iran is close to a nuclear breakthrough and…read more

Poets of Western Civilization

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This piece was originally intended for the September 2014 edition of TheBlvdier. That edition having gone unpublished, and this piece now having been dug up, feel free to read it here and enjoy it to your taste. Read more works by good writers at By Robert Ravensbergen « The real life in regular verse is an irregular movement underlying. » – Ezra Pound Poetry today in the West, predominantly in America but throughout the region to a great degree, is taken on by rappers, emcees, and street musicians. They often provide…read more