Middle East: What sort of coverage do we get?

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“Put simply, American journalists are interested in only two topics in the Middle East: Israel and the United States.” – Daniel Pipes, 1984.

The most recent Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the rise of the Islamic State, the Civil War in Syria, the Arab Spring and its ensuing upheaval, not forgetting the decade-long Iraq war, have steadily kept the Middle East in the news in recent years. While we grow increasingly critical of our respective national media landscapes, we ought to ask: are Daniel Pipes’ comments about mainstream media and American journalists’ coverage of the Middle East in 1984 still accurate today? Written during the dark days of the Lebanese Civil War and after the Beirut barracks bombings, as many American journalists and major news outlets were on the ground, Daniel Pipes ‘The Media and the Middle East’ article published in Commentary Magazine in 1984 highlighted the myopia and some form of narcissism by the American mainstream media.

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